Robust Compliance Ecosystem

Don’t freak out, but there are a lot of work-saving features and components that make up Workhub’s comprehensive compliance management system.

This shouldn’t be news to you though; you know managing workplace compliance isn’t possible anymore with spreadsheets and file folders.

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Onboarding & Worker Compliance

“Welcome to the company. Now go to work.” Yeah, right... That’s not how it works in your business. There are all sorts of material every new hire needs to know to perform their work to the standards you expect. You need to know they have the proper knowledge and skills. Assign them their requirements and delight in watching their compliance grow as they complete the elements of your program.

Form Tools & Ongoing Tasks

At your workplace there are probably more forms generated for workplace compliance than in accounting! Pieces of paper, or even fillable online forms don’t cut it anymore, because you know there is a workflow behind every submission. We understand this and offer the tools you need to manage these ongoing forms and workflow tasks. Easy peazy.

Communication & Collaboration

Like listing all the Workhub features, it's hard to get everyone on the same page. Our software encourages and facilitates two-way communication between management and your front-line workers. Commenting and “liking” are available in most components; these features bring your attention to what would simply have been utterances in the past.

Culture & Recognition

Achieving full workplace compliance is bloody hard; not because workers don’t want to complete their assignments, but because urgent work gets in the way. Unfortunately, important preventative measures often get put off until tomorrow. Then tomorrow never comes. A little encouragement can go a long way towards improving worker compliance scores.

Reference Materials

Like a laxative or plunger, reference materials should always be handy in case you need them. Administrators choose what’s relevant to each work site. Workers can quickly and easily look them up.

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