Contractor and Visitor Orientations

Your employees probably have a good handle on your policies, procedures, and protocols. They've probably also been made aware of any site-specific hazards and appropriate controls to mitigate those hazards. But what about your contractors? They're even less familiar with your surroundings. They need to know this stuff as much as anyone.

What should be in a Site Orientation?

Apart from the aforementioned policies, procedures and protocols. Your site orientation should at a minimum cover:

  1. Who is in charge and who to go with issues and concerns (and where they're located)
  2. Procedures for reporting incidents and emergencies
  3. Details on a site evacuation and where the muster point is
  4. What PPE is required while on site
  5. Prohibited areas
  6. Unusual hazards
  7. Site-specific protocols

Your site orientation might only take a few minutes, and can be done by a gatekeeper, but that's time consuming and not terribly scalable. A video hosted online is easier and available 24/7.

Perhaps you have an orientation video already.

Workhub will host it at no charge. If you don't have an orientation already, our content team can help create one from your policies and procedures, ensuring that all the key elements of your safety program are covered. We feel our work is top-notch and our rates are competitive, but please feel free to source your orientation elsewhere. Our primary objective is safe worksites, so any orientation will do.

Any contractor or visitor can watch your orientation in Workhub for free.

The record of completed orientations compiles in your administrator portal and is searchable by subcontractor company. The easiest way to ensure an orientation is completed is to ask your contract workers for their WorkerID (another Workhub feature). A record of completed orientations will be available on their WorkerID compliance abstract, which is stored offline.

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