Good ideas don’t always come from the top, and making suggestions is not as easy as you would think! You could be missing out on some game changing ideas. Encouraging suggestions from workers can increase sales, reduce costs, eliminate waste, improve productivity, boost morale and even save lives.

Why we love Suggestions.

Here at Workhub, we address all our suggestions during a monthly meeting. In our experience this shows our employees that the company is listening, encourages them to feel confident in sharing and helps garner engagement in company culture. It has also allowed us to increase transparency between management and employees regarding company decisions. Every month we go over a variety of suggestions ranging in excellence, from: ‘we need tastier beers in the cooler’ to ‘the sun is in my eyes from 2-3pm on Wednesdays – can we turn it off?’ We don’t know where we would be without these recommendations from our brilliant staff.

Prepare yourself for a spectrum of suggestions.

You have a lot of control over what workers can post. You decide whether suggestions can be created anonymously, whether they need to be approved before they are shared with the organization, if staff can rate or comment anonymously and how many comments can be left per suggestion. New suggestions will show up in the admin portal, and Admins can mark them as pending, approved, implemented or declined. Not every suggestion will work for your company, but you may want to let them down gently with a detailed explanation. The last thing you want to do is discourage future suggestions!

Betty has an idea.

To make a suggestion your worker provides the background for the situation at hand and the proposed solution. The worker can then select from a list of potential benefits and can even calculate the expected return on investment by estimating costs saved. Once submitted, other workers can rate the suggestion from 1-5, add comments and give a thumbs up or down to other people’s ideas (based on settings, of course). They can also see which suggestions are implemented or approved, and which are pending and declined. So, what was Betty’s great idea you ask? ‘Better tasting dogfood....’ Interesting, well we have no idea how she discovered the taste wasn’t up to par - but here’s wishing your company many impactful suggestions and we hope that you have someone who is this invested in the culture and happiness of your furry office friends.



Drive up engagement in your organization by allowing employees to submit suggestions regarding workplace culture, policies/procedures, and more.

Rate and Comment

Get additional feedback by allowing other workers to rate a fellow employee’s suggestion.

Optional Anonymity

Give workers the ability to provide insight without fear of backlash, or criticism. Select whether workers can remain anonymous when suggesting, rating, or commenting.


Select whether admins need to review suggestions and comments before making them visible to other workers. Admins can respond directly to suggestions.

Assess Proposition Value

If workers enter an estimated value of benefits and costs saved the software will automatically calculate a return on investment.


Workers can see which suggestions have been implemented and approved, and which are pending or declined.

Still have questions?

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