Online Training Courses

Choose from over 60 pre-built safety awareness courses to create your own custom cloud course. Assure full comprehension' with custom quizzes, adjustable pass rates and compliance tracking across your organization. Training workers has never been easier!

Are your training manuals being used as a pillow?

Properly training workers has been a struggle since the dawn of time and even though it received a major update with the introduction of video training it's still challenging to properly host, quiz and track. Some of the common training issues Workhub set out to solve are:

  • Costly to host training sessions on-site or in class
  • Challenging to train large groups and test comprehension
  • Unable to track workers progress
  • Tough to motivate workers to take optional training

Find out how our Free Online Training Courses can help your organization

Training Workers is as Easy as 1,2,3

Training courses are easily accessible on all devices/platforms for your workers.

Step Screenshot
Check the Dashboard

Quickly see pending items that require attention

Step Screenshot
Perform the Training

Study the training and complete the quiz with a passing score

Step Screenshot
Gain Compliance

Gain complete compliance across your organization


Over 60+ courses

Choose from our library of pre-built safety awareness courses.

Customize Your Courses

Set expiration dates, pass rates, and let workers challenge quizzes + many more options available for each course.

Assign by role

Add course requirements based on job role. New workers can easily see what is required of them.

Designate Optional/Required

Decide which courses you want to make required for your workers and which ones you want to make optional.


Your safety team and your workers will be notified when course expirations are coming due.

Compliance Monitoring

Training dates, expirations, and quiz results are all tracked in Workhub.

Get Feedback

Get feedback on the courses to gain valuable insight from your workers.

Still have questions?

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