Oof, it’s almost audit season again. There is nothing more anxiety inducing than wondering if you have all your ducks in a row, or whether you have addressed the concerns from your auditor’s last visit. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ensure that everything was in order, and guarantee that their next visit would go as smoothly as possible? Our Audit Preparation feature can help with that. It allows you to view checklists, self-score, and complete to-dos so that you can rest assured that you’ve crossed all your T’s and dotted your I’s.

Set-up a self-audit.

Our tool has over 20 different audit standards to choose from such as Certificate of Recognition and National Safety Code - Carrier Fitness Certificate.

  • Open an audit standard to reveal section headers which contain all the requirements necessary to pass that segment.
  • Inside the standard items you can leave a score, add comments, and designate a status (Compliant, Minor Deficiency or Major Deficiency).
  • Attach documents that are relevant to that requirement instance, or link to an element of your Workhub compliance program to show off your organization’s due diligence.
  • Leave yourself notes on elements that are lacking and come back later when you're ready to complete them.
  • If you don’t see the audit standard you need, just send it to us and we’ll add it for you.

Make everyone’s job a little easier.

Invite your auditor to login and see your safety program in action. They don’t even need to come to the office to do a basic review.

In the event that your audit doesn’t go so well, you can use that report as a baseline to show where you need to focus your attention!

"Workhub has made it simple to gather all our documentation during audit season allowing us to walk into our audit organized and confident."




Ensure your ready for your next Audit by utilizing our standard specific preparation checklists.

Choose from our Library

We have over 20 different audit standards pre-loaded into our system to choose from.

Request an Audit Standard

If we are missing a standard that you need, simply contact us!

Invite your Auditor

Your auditor can login and see your safety program without having to set foot in the workplace.

Integrated with our System

Attach documents, or link elements to other Workhub components to show your companny's due diligence.


Score yourself, designate a status (Compliant, Minor Deficiency or Major Deficiency) and leave comments.

Still have questions?

Let our knowledgeable sales team give you a full product tour and answer any specific questions you may have.