Audit Preparation

Oof, it’s almost audit season again. There is nothing more anxiety inducing than wondering if you have all your ducks in a row, or whether you have addressed the concerns from your auditor’s last visit. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ensure that everything was in order, and guarantee that their next visit would go as smoothly as possible? Our Audit Preparation feature can help with that. It allows you to view checklists, self-score, and complete to-dos so that you can rest assured that you’ve crossed all your T’s and dotted your I’s.

Prepare with a self-audit.

Our tool has over 10 of the latest standards from authorities such as Energy Safety Canada and Work Safe Australia. We can also help you with preparing for your COR (Certificate of Recognition) audit.

  • Open the Audit Preparation tool to access the library of available audits and choose one that’s right for you.
  • Collect documentation and link any items you have in other Workhub components that fulfill the audit’s criteria.
  • Create comments and Action Items for any criteria you need to improve upon.
  • Upload your results from your auditor to have all your documentation in one place.
  • Don’t see an audit you need? Just send us the information and we’ll do our best to track it down for you.


Browse The Library

See what your auditor will be looking for by browsing the criteria through Workhub.

Prepare Early

Ensure you are ready for your next audit by building your documentation ahead of time.

Find Issues Early

Create Action Items for any missing documentation or processes. Track their progress through the app and be notified of changes.

Integrated System

All your existing policies, procedures, certifications and more can be tracked seamlessly through Workhub.

Archive Documentation

Upload your auditor’s results to keep track of your past audits all in one place.

Request an Audit Type

If we are missing a standard that you need, simply contact us!

Still have questions?

Let our knowledgeable sales team give you a full product tour and answer any specific questions you may have.