Action Items

The team members across your organization spend countless hours a week assessing and reporting on all sorts of initiatives, like Inspections, Incident Reporting, Hazard ID's, and all sorts of other forms. And they drum up deficiencies - gotcha's that if left unattended could lead to further incidents. The need to be handled. And you need to know they're handled.

As each of these ongoing tasks and forms are submitted by your workers, administrators review their content, and if a worker hasn't already done so, the administrator can add one or more action items. The action item is assigned to an individual, a due date is chosen, and a priority level helps prioritize it against everything else that needs doing. The individual can optionally be notified by email or text, but regardless, the action item will show up in their Action Item List. Reminders get added as the action item is coming due (or past due).

The individual assigned the task, then has the ability to begin logging comments (such as work-in-progress) and ultimately marking the item as complete (which requires an explanation). The item can be reassigned, but the system keeps a log of any changes.

Once complete, each action item needs to be signed off by an administrator. The system keeps a nice log of all action items throughout the various stages. The objective, of course, is to see every deficiency corrected and signed off, making your workplace a little safer. It also doesn't hurt that you or your auditor can navigate back to the source document for each action item in the list.



Identify deficiencies and corrective actions and assign them to workers.


The system notifies workers that they have been assigned an Action Item via SMS or email.

Corrective Actions

Workers attach photos, add comments and more, to ultimately complete Action Items.


Administrators verify that Action items are completed properly and sign-off once they are complete.

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