Bulletins and Alerts

Communication on a timely basis is a key component of any compliant organization. With Workhub, management can communicate with their workers effectively (over instant SMS / email) and keep track of the views a bulletin receives. Make bulletins part of compliance to ensure workers read updates from your safety team.

Has your bulletin board become a piece of antique abstract art?

Bulletin boards have never been the ideal method of communication with important notes being buried by the next classified ad. Worse yet, how can we assess who got the memo (or the sticky note)? There are many issues such as:

  • No way to assure prompt readership
  • Nearly impossible to audit who received and who read
  • Hard to get feedback on messages
  • Tough to classify or target teams / locations

Find out how our

Bulletins and Alerts

can help your organization

Notifying Workers is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Updating your workers on all devices/platforms and tracking readership has never been easier

Step Screenshot
Get the Alert via SMS / Email

Workers are notified instantly to take prompt action by clicking the link (SMS) or reading the email

Step Screenshot
Read the Bulletin

Read and review the bulletin / attachments and your status is automatically updated

Step Screenshot
Gain Compliance

Gain complete compliance across your organization with logged dates of review for all workers



Ensure workers are reading important correspondence by sending out bulletins and alerts though email and SMS.

Recipient Filtering

Select the recipients by position and location to ensure the bulletins and alerts go to relevant workers.

Set a Review Clock

Choose a length of time the bulletins and alerts must be reviewed for before they can be considered acknowledged.

Read Receipts

Read receipts allow admins to see who has reviewed the bulletins and who has not.

Send Reminders

Send a reminder to all workers that have not reviewed the bulletin to prompt more readership.


Workers can comment on bulletins and admins can approve the comment to make it public to all workers.

Still have questions?

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