Workplace Screening

Assess workers and guest visitors as they access your work sites using custom checklists unique to each location. Grant or deny physical access based on various criteria such as health checks (COVID-19), required PPE or even compliance data such as certificates, orientations and competencies. Log visits along with answers for robust visitor management and contact tracing.

Are your worksite access requirements outgrowing the decals and signs?

With the recent pandemic, the most basic workplaces have a long list of screening criteria and it's become challenging to monitor and assess without a proper screening system in place. Regulations are changing by the day, quickly rendering standard checklists obsolete before they even go in to effect. There may even be requirements for reporting things like contact tracing and legal requirements - legacy systems just can't keep up.

    Find out how our

    Worksite Screening feature

    can help your organization

    Log all visits and responses including the reason for the visit in order to accurately trace contact in the event of an outbreak. Workers can check themselves in via contactless self-serve view and WorkerID QR Code scanning.

    Notifying Workers is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

    Updating your workers on all devices/platforms and tracking readership has never been easier

    Step Screenshot
    Scan in with WorkerID

    Workers quickly scan in with the Free WorkerID App to load their profile and display their compliance data

    Step Screenshot
    Answer Screening Questions

    Workers are screened with custom questions and access is granted or denied based on defined conditions

    Step Screenshot
    Monitor Worksite Access

    Visits by workers, subcontractors and guests are all logged for safekeeping and high-risk visits are avoided


    Assess Workers & Visitors

    Grant or deny physical access based on various criteria such as health checks (COVID-19), required PPE and compliance data such as certificates, orientations, and competencies.


    Create custom checklists that are unique to your location.

    Import / Copy

    Import questions from templates or copy questions from a previous location.


    All details of the visit are logged for full audit and tracing needs.

    Worker Manifest

    Look up who is currently on site in the event of an emergency.

    In-Out Board

    Workers sign out when leaving the site providing in-out data for reporting.

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