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Workhub version 4.56.0

Hi folks! Today's release updates Workhub to version 4.56.0 and includes some big changes to our Audit Standards tool.

We have updated our Audit tool to Audit Preparation, and with that name change comes a host of functionality changes. You'll now be able to undertake multiple audits using the same standard, add details for your auditor and your audit targets, create Action Items from your audit checks, and keep track of your goals and targets with visual aids and history logs for all your changes.

With that change also necessitates the archiving of our old Audit Standards. Any Audits you had previously worked on or had in progress will be moved to our Legacy tab. Audits housed in that Legacy tab will be editable until December 31, 2024, and after that date they will be reference only.

We're also releasing 20+ bug fixes, including fixes for missing fields in our Incidents & Hazards CSV download, Safety Meetings tweaks, translation troubles in Certificates, and the addition of a new time zone (Malaysia, GMT +8).

Have a happy, safe Easter weekend!


Workhub Version 4.55.0

It's been a minute since we last published news regarding our releases, but we're back to let you know about some exciting changes! Version 4.55.0 was released on Friday, March 8th, 2024.

The Nitty Gritty:

We've made major changes to our Surveys component, allowing you to collect data with more anonymity and greater consistency, and we've added a couple of downloadable options within the component to help you better track the information generated by your Worker's responses.

We've implemented a new table structure in several of our components that allows you to sort the items in the list using arrows at each column top, control column widths, rearrange your columns, and click into items in the list without resetting the list back to the top. We're releasing it piecemeal through the Admin dash to make sure it fits everywhere we want it just right. Check out the progress of this new functionality in Safety Meetings, Behaviour Observations, Incidents & Hazards, Polls, Other Forms, and our new Surveys component.

Changes have been made in Policies and Procedures for better submission, viewing, and handling of comments. Each component has additional Permissions for comments, so be sure to review those if your admins need to view, review, and engage with comments!

We've made improvements to the Checkout process for Rewards, so Workers will now have their previous addresses saved for a quicker, more accurate checkout each time.

Little Things that Matter:

30 bug fixes, including:

fixes for charts/graphs misbehaving

adjustments to Fillable Certificate file field lengths and improved function on the Worker dash

addressing malfunction of procedures JHA step builder giving error notifications

and many more!


Workhub Version 4.48.0

Version 4.48.0 was released on Friday, Sep 8th, 2023.

The Nitty Gritty:

Policies has an updated visual design

Little Things That Matter:

Over 30 bug fixes and optimizations


Workhub Version 4.47.0

Version 4.47.0 was released on Friday, Aug 11th, 2023.

The Nitty Gritty:

The Online Training Matrix Report now has information for the amount of time assigned and completed for each worker.

Little Things That Matter:

Over 65 bug fixes and optimizations


Workhub Version 4.46.0

Version 4.46.0 was released on Friday, Jul 21th, 2023.

The Nitty Gritty:

Added a Certificate Rejection History report

Little Things That Matter:

Over 25 bug fixes and optimizations


Workhub Version 4.45.0

Version 4.45.0 was released on Friday, Jul 7th, 2023.

Brand Spankin' New:

Safety Meetings has received a significant rework in workflow, layout and design

The Nitty Gritty:

You can now delete Polls

You can now filter by "Note Contains" in Other Forms

Little Things That Matter:

Over 50 bug fixes and optimizations


Workhub Version 4.40.0

Happy Friday!

Today's pot of gold is another batch of Workhub goodies! In this release we have updated Suggestions. You will find some more functionality around this component, like the ability to respond to individual comments and choosing to share or hide. We've also made some updates to Competencies, and Audit Standards. Check out the Release Notes for more details on this release. Cheers, The Workhub Team


Workhub Version 4.39.0

Happy Friday everyone. What could be better than to kick off the weekend with a new release from Workhub? In this version of Workhub, we have updated the Admin Worker detail page with a new look. Compliance now has it’s own tab, and HR & Notes has been merged with the main page. We’ve also made some updates to Compliance Filters, Suggestions, and the activity log in Safety Meetings.


Workhub Version 4.35.0

Get a glass of eggnog ready because this release is going to be a long one, we have made over 100 updates. Drumroll come the highlights: 

Massive updates to Safety Meetings! We’ve taken your feedback and changed up some things about this component, our team has been working really hard on getting these updates pushed out so thanks for your patience.  

Under the Account tab, you can now disable the option to send SMS messages company-wide.  

Both the Admin Online Training page and worker online training pages have been improved.  

Infinite scroll has made it’s way over to policies.  

Speaking of policies, we’ve also made added a couple of rows to policy list csv like review time and worker assignments. 

The rewards improvements keep coming! This time you’ll find improved filters and styling to the catalog list.  

You’ll see the green hand icon appearing within Competencies as well.  

Polls has also had a bit of a facelift, stay tuned for more updates to this component. 

Under Admin > Workers, you can also create a custom sign up page for your workers! You can add your own custom message, and the page will have your organizations branding too.  

And that wraps up our last release for 2022. From us at Workhub, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season. See you in the new year!


Workhub Version 4.33.0

Lots of strange, crazy and exciting things have happened on October 21st in the past: in 2019, the oldest natural pearl was discovered off the coast of Abu Dhabi; even last year, Alec Baldwin accidentally shot someone on set; the first radio message across the Atlantic Ocean being sent in 1915 is also pretty cool. Do you know what is even more invigorating than that? A new release from Workhub! Here are some of the highlights: 

You can now opt in to our Newsletter and Webinar emails directly from your profile. Just click Edit Profile on your dashboard, you won’t want to miss any of this awesome news! 🎉 

Reports Reports Reports! We’ve added an uppdated asset compliance matrix report, a direct reports list report, and credentials list reports. 📋 

Some styling updates to online training feedback. 💎 

Design updates to the settings tab on all components. 🎡 

An added filter for emergency contact on worker list. 👷 


Can’t forget those pesky bug fixes either🐛. Here’s a list of what’s been exterminated:  

Procedure section headers will now be shown on the competency list report.  

Some issues with rewards permissions and wish lists have been resolved. 🛒 

We’ve added the ability to download quiz results for online training from the worker’s profile on the admin side.  

Some tweaks to reassigning responsibilities, specifically around direct reports.  

Some improvements to inspections that may not have been loading correctly. 🔎 

Updates to polls to create more consistency.  


Workhub Version 4.32.0

“On October 3rd he asked me what day it was.....It’s October 3rd" 🌸 

If this date is not already in your calendar, mark it down now because Workhub is coming in mean with another release. Ps, you still can’t sit with us unless you’re wearing pink. (I’m joking ofc, we love you all) 🔥 

We continue to roll out Infinite scroll to the Admin Workers List, Materials and Certificates Pending Submission and Coming Due Lists. ♾️  Related Items now link to several more item types like Competencies and Certificates. 🔗 

We’ve updated the “Add to Home Screen” prompt to be a little less annoying. If only I could do that to my little brother too. All jokes aside, it will only show on the home screen and can be dismissed for a few days. 📱 

Improvements to the rewards shopping cart and wishlist to give it a more contemporary feel. “Get in, we’re going shopping!” 🏎️ 

The compliance bar will be hidden if all of the workers’ assignments are optional. Previously it would show 0%. 🙊 

We’ve also added a date and time stamp to incidents so you can see exactly when they were created. 📅  

Four for you Glen Coco, you go Glen Coco. (tell me y’all are picking up on these Mean Girls references please.) 🍫 

Bug fixes in this version include an update to the text editor in Procedures, the ability to delete action items from Inspections and a download button for bulletins on the Admin side. So fetch right? 👯‍♀️ 


Workhub Version 4.31.0

I bet you are all having a busy back to school season. We’ve been super busy here at workhub cranking out LOTS of new features for you guys. Here’a list of what we’ve just dropped: 🎤 

On a worker’s profile, click Clear to remove the hire date. 📅  

Speaking of hire dates.... A ‘Hire date’ filter has also been added to the admin worker list. 🌪️ 

Speaking of filters... The Certificates Matrix Report lists a date for coming due items.  

Speaking you glad I didn’t continue this bad joke? haha 🍊 

Policy Contact, Revision Date and File Type are new columns included on Policy List Report (csv). 

The email notification for Policy Comments has been updated. 📫 

Critical issue notifications and incident submission notifications were added to the list of responsibilities that can be reassigned from a worker’s profile (or when making them inactive.)  

If you’re feeling a bit creative (read: slightly bored) customize the style, background, logo and more of your scratch cards. This feature is part of the Rewards component. 🎨 

The Policy version history report has been moved to prior versions tab under each individual policy. This report was previously on the Admin  - Policy List.  

To infinity and beyond....launching infinite scroll in Polls, Scratch Cards, Online Training and Suggestions. 🚀Are you guys as excited about this as I am? The next set of components will really get you happy scrolling at your desk. 🎆 

The reset compliance popup has some design improvements.  

Improvements to direct reports feature which allows you to print their quiz results and view online training details.  

A new status to show that compliance has been reset on online training rather than ‘not started’.  

Here’s a list of bugs that have been evacuated: 

Some issues with the dashboard workers picture not loading correctly have been addressed.  

If the setting to display a location/division on a certificate was enabled, a glitch seemed to display the company name instead.  

Not requiring Inspection comments actually requiring them. Somehow that didn’t seem right. 🤔 

Subcontractor certificate settings not functioning correctly.  


Workhub Version 4.30.0

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend. Here at Workhub, we had a great company bbq with lots of good eats. This release has some new functionality for your consumption too.    

Action Items had a whole revamp. There are many little goodies, like how you can now upload images and documents at any point in the action item process, more intuitive controls and more! 🌠 

Infinite scroll is rolling out! You’ll see this amazing new feature in Procedures first! What does this mean? No longer fiddling with the paginator, instead you can just scrroolllll. 🖱️ 

We had a bug with inactive policies reverting to a prior version when they were made active, which has been resolved. 🐛 

The rewards item page has been updated with a new look! 👀 

When a course has been completed, the time remaining will be hidden to avoid any confusion. 👾 

Sorting by column headers on Online Training will organize optional items too.

Tweaks to the search bar in Procedures for easier navigation...meaning, it’s a little bit smarter now. 🕵️ 

We added an “expires every” column to the online training report which shows the option you have selected under the course settings. 🤓 

The amount of rewards points will be shown on the rewards tile on your dashboard. 🛒 

We’ve updated the filters for inactive workers. Any positions without hr & notes permissions will simply see the inactive filter on the workers list, and other statuses like released or terminated will be greyed out.  When viewing inactive workers, the compliance column will only say inactive and not terminated or eligible for rehire. For any Admins with hr/notes permissions, all of this functionality will stay the same. 📏 

Nazem Kadri is joining the flames hooray! Not technically a release note but I just had to slip this one in here. 🔥 

There was some inconsistency with training expiration dates depending on what page it was accessed from, which is now fixed. 🍉 

Also, an inconsistency with scheduled training showing complete, but expired in certificate detail have also been updated. 🍍 

Last but not least, enhancements to the Blank Competencies have lots more information on the page and an updated look. ✨ 


Workhub Version 4.29.0

Hi Workhubiites, we are kicking off the long weekend with a new release. We have lots of large projects on the go, so this one is small and mighty (just like us!). Here’s a list of what we’re serving up today:  

If your position is limited access by location or division, your admin dashboard will now read location(or division) compliance, rather than organization compliance. 🌐 

We continue to add new time zones to our list of supported ones. If you have any requests, just let us know. ☁️ 

Policy comments can now be 500 characters. That’s way more than just a tweet. 🐤

Some CSV reports were previously limited to 1000 rows, but we’ve updated now so that the limit does not exist. 🏹 

Tweaks to policy comments to keep ‘em smoother than a Ferrari. 🏎️ 

Say goodbye to pesky mosquitoes because we’ve squashed a lot of bugs in this one. 🐛 


Workhub Version 4.28.0

Howdy!     The start of Calgary Stampede isn’t the most exciting thing happening today; Workhub is releasing another set of functionality! Here’s the low down before you hoedown. 

Quite a few updates to Competencies! You can now see your assessment history, download an assessment report, and add descriptions for the criteria and sections within a competency. WOW!  

The Rewards catalog list has been updated. 

Bulletin report has been fixed and updated 

Submitted Forms now has a “Note Contains” filter, so you can log any extra details if you wish.  

You can now easily request to copy over Worker compliance! On a worker’s profile page, just click Copy Compliance and fill out the required details. Our team will receive your request and let you know when it’s been completed.  


Workhub Version 4.27.0

This release has lots of improvements and bug fixes. Here’s all the deets: 

The Incident chart graph can now be downloaded. We love a good ol’ report. 📊 

We’re keeping the reports coming too, because you can also download the Incidents root causes chart. 📌 

Last for Incidents, but not least, under the people involved we’ve added a new involvement type of “Contributor”. 💂 

Policies and Assets join our list of components with time support. 🕑Oh, and also BO....I mean Behavior Observations. 😅 

Lots of improvements to the Competency – Worker Compliance report. It’s looking pretty competent now. 😇 

When you have a link between a course and a certificate, it will now add a note on the certificate to show it was automatically you know exactly where it came from. 👀 

Now, let’s talk about those bug fixes. 🐛🐝 

An error would pop up when accessing a direct reports’ action items, but not anymore! 🐌 

When reassigning a worker’s responsibilities, there was something funky about reassigning the supervisor. This fix is too hot. (Hot, damn! 🔥) 

An issue with form submissions on worker side not fully displaying is also done and dusted! 🌈 


Workhub Version 4.26.0

May 27th may be the birthday of the Golden Gate Bridge, but we’re going to try our best to steal the spotlight with the latest round of changes! 🌉 

Time Zone support keeps expanding! Suggestions, Surveys, Materials and Credentials are the latest components where this has been added. 💫 

On Rewards, the points history page will now show you which component the worker earned points for. 🛍️ 

Updates to the display of the Admin asset list. 🚚 

We’ve also added a time zone to the timestamp on the inspection list report. 🕧 

A resolved bug with adding a vendor under Materials. 🐛 

Lots of reports improvements. 📋 

And last but not least, the ability to bulk reset worker compliance. 😵 Just look for the arrow on the worker compliance tab. 🔄 


Workhub Version 4.25.0

The admin dashboard has received a makeover…for real this time 💅. This change allows you to easily navigate and view component data at a glance. 👀 

Rewards has some new features like more information on items that are pending shipment, an improved wishlist and filters on the point redemption list. There’s even a search by worker name! 🤓 

We’ve made it easier to switch between multi-user accounts. If you have 5 or more accounts you will see these displayed in a pop-up now instead of a list. 🖱️  The best part? It has a search. I am totally fangirling over this.....saves your middle finger the workout. 🏋🏽‍♀️

Procedures, Bulletins and Whistleblower now have time zone support. 🕐 

Scratch cards has filters and a new tab where you can set assignments. *Proud parent moment.* 

For all you report lovers out there, we’ve added a position filter to matrix reports too. 📈 

There is a separate worker side permission for Approving Certificates. It still exists under Admin but this way you can have more granularity. 😉


Workhub Version 4.24.0

Here’s a few easter eggs for you to kick off the long weekend🐇🥚: 

We’ve added workers middle names to action items in different places of the software so you can be sure who the action items are assigned to. 👋 

We’ve made some improvements to the pop ups for cross requirements so you can easily see which locations to set assignments for. 😵 

Scratch Cards is moving up in the Workhub world! You might notice it now has its own tile on both the worker and admin dashboards. 🎉 

Worker forms has gotten quite a makeover with an improved workflow that works more like the other components on the system.👣 

LOTS of mobile enhancements. 🤳 

Other Forms on the Admin side now has a new Changelog tab. This one is handy for creepin’ 👀 

We fixed a bug where filtering inspections by date wasn’t returning results. 🕵️‍♀️ Apparently when you click search it it means items are supposed to be found.. 🤨 

We’ve updated Courses and Policies lists to show how many workers they’ve been assigned to instead of positions. 🧮 


Workhub Version 4.23.0

On March 25, 2017, some crazy people in Innisfail, Australia made the world’s largest banana split. It took almost 40,000 bananas and was 8km long. While that’s a pretty mighty feat, I think the latest release of Workhub will top that! 

Competencies will now have an expiry setting, meaning that as an admin, you can choose to make workers complete a competency periodically. The default span is 3 years but you can adjust this under the settings. ✔️ 

Each position now has an “Admin Notes” field. 🤫 

Online training now has a lessons & time remaining count for each course. This will hopefully make it more clear to workers that they number of things left to do is the number of lessons left for the courses they have been assigned. (is anyone else hearing the jeopardy theme song in their head or is it just me?)⌛ 

Inspections now has a “My Location” filter, meaning that when a worker is viewing an inspection type assigned by asset, they can filter for only assets at their location. 🚚 

The worker dashboard has rearranged categories. Rewards now has its own dashboard tile under Rewards and Recognition. 🎁 

When viewing details about a direct report, it now has an updated look with more data shown. 🕵️‍♀️ 

Bulletins now handles images, which should now let users more effectively attach and show images within the bulletin body. 📎 

Improvements to logins, email verification and setting up new passwords.  

We’ve added a select all button in Matrix Reporting so you can save those clicks. 🖱️ 

Improved functionality around providing feedback on quiz questions. ❓ 

Bet you read all of these hearing jeopardy in your head now. You’re welcome. 😎

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