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Workhub Version 4.29.0

Hi Workhubiites, we are kicking off the long weekend with a new release. We have lots of large projects on the go, so this one is small and mighty (just like us!). Here’s a list of what we’re serving up today:  

If your position is limited access by location or division, your admin dashboard will now read location(or division) compliance, rather than organization compliance. 🌐 

We continue to add new time zones to our list of supported ones. If you have any requests, just let us know. ☁️ 

Policy comments can now be 500 characters. That’s way more than just a tweet. 🐤

Some CSV reports were previously limited to 1000 rows, but we’ve updated now so that the limit does not exist. 🏹 

Tweaks to policy comments to keep ‘em smoother than a Ferrari. 🏎️ 

Say goodbye to pesky mosquitoes because we’ve squashed a lot of bugs in this one. 🐛 


Workhub Version 4.28.0

Howdy!     The start of Calgary Stampede isn’t the most exciting thing happening today; Workhub is releasing another set of functionality! Here’s the low down before you hoedown. 

Quite a few updates to Competencies! You can now see your assessment history, download an assessment report, and add descriptions for the criteria and sections within a competency. WOW!  

The Rewards catalog list has been updated. 

Bulletin report has been fixed and updated 

Submitted Forms now has a “Note Contains” filter, so you can log any extra details if you wish.  

You can now easily request to copy over Worker compliance! On a worker’s profile page, just click Copy Compliance and fill out the required details. Our team will receive your request and let you know when it’s been completed.  


Workhub Version 4.27.0

This release has lots of improvements and bug fixes. Here’s all the deets: 

The Incident chart graph can now be downloaded. We love a good ol’ report. 📊 

We’re keeping the reports coming too, because you can also download the Incidents root causes chart. 📌 

Last for Incidents, but not least, under the people involved we’ve added a new involvement type of “Contributor”. 💂 

Policies and Assets join our list of components with time support. 🕑Oh, and also BO....I mean Behavior Observations. 😅 

Lots of improvements to the Competency – Worker Compliance report. It’s looking pretty competent now. 😇 

When you have a link between a course and a certificate, it will now add a note on the certificate to show it was automatically you know exactly where it came from. 👀 

Now, let’s talk about those bug fixes. 🐛🐝 

An error would pop up when accessing a direct reports’ action items, but not anymore! 🐌 

When reassigning a worker’s responsibilities, there was something funky about reassigning the supervisor. This fix is too hot. (Hot, damn! 🔥) 

An issue with form submissions on worker side not fully displaying is also done and dusted! 🌈 


Workhub Version 4.26.0

May 27th may be the birthday of the Golden Gate Bridge, but we’re going to try our best to steal the spotlight with the latest round of changes! 🌉 

Time Zone support keeps expanding! Suggestions, Surveys, Materials and Credentials are the latest components where this has been added. 💫 

On Rewards, the points history page will now show you which component the worker earned points for. 🛍️ 

Updates to the display of the Admin asset list. 🚚 

We’ve also added a time zone to the timestamp on the inspection list report. 🕧 

A resolved bug with adding a vendor under Materials. 🐛 

Lots of reports improvements. 📋 

And last but not least, the ability to bulk reset worker compliance. 😵 Just look for the arrow on the worker compliance tab. 🔄 


Workhub Version 4.25.0

The admin dashboard has received a makeover…for real this time 💅. This change allows you to easily navigate and view component data at a glance. 👀 

Rewards has some new features like more information on items that are pending shipment, an improved wishlist and filters on the point redemption list. There’s even a search by worker name! 🤓 

We’ve made it easier to switch between multi-user accounts. If you have 5 or more accounts you will see these displayed in a pop-up now instead of a list. 🖱️  The best part? It has a search. I am totally fangirling over this.....saves your middle finger the workout. 🏋🏽‍♀️

Procedures, Bulletins and Whistleblower now have time zone support. 🕐 

Scratch cards has filters and a new tab where you can set assignments. *Proud parent moment.* 

For all you report lovers out there, we’ve added a position filter to matrix reports too. 📈 

There is a separate worker side permission for Approving Certificates. It still exists under Admin but this way you can have more granularity. 😉


Workhub Version 4.24.0

Here’s a few easter eggs for you to kick off the long weekend🐇🥚: 

We’ve added workers middle names to action items in different places of the software so you can be sure who the action items are assigned to. 👋 

We’ve made some improvements to the pop ups for cross requirements so you can easily see which locations to set assignments for. 😵 

Scratch Cards is moving up in the Workhub world! You might notice it now has its own tile on both the worker and admin dashboards. 🎉 

Worker forms has gotten quite a makeover with an improved workflow that works more like the other components on the system.👣 

LOTS of mobile enhancements. 🤳 

Other Forms on the Admin side now has a new Changelog tab. This one is handy for creepin’ 👀 

We fixed a bug where filtering inspections by date wasn’t returning results. 🕵️‍♀️ Apparently when you click search it it means items are supposed to be found.. 🤨 

We’ve updated Courses and Policies lists to show how many workers they’ve been assigned to instead of positions. 🧮 


Workhub Version 4.23.0

On March 25, 2017, some crazy people in Innisfail, Australia made the world’s largest banana split. It took almost 40,000 bananas and was 8km long. While that’s a pretty mighty feat, I think the latest release of Workhub will top that! 

Competencies will now have an expiry setting, meaning that as an admin, you can choose to make workers complete a competency periodically. The default span is 3 years but you can adjust this under the settings. ✔️ 

Each position now has an “Admin Notes” field. 🤫 

Online training now has a lessons & time remaining count for each course. This will hopefully make it more clear to workers that they number of things left to do is the number of lessons left for the courses they have been assigned. (is anyone else hearing the jeopardy theme song in their head or is it just me?)⌛ 

Inspections now has a “My Location” filter, meaning that when a worker is viewing an inspection type assigned by asset, they can filter for only assets at their location. 🚚 

The worker dashboard has rearranged categories. Rewards now has its own dashboard tile under Rewards and Recognition. 🎁 

When viewing details about a direct report, it now has an updated look with more data shown. 🕵️‍♀️ 

Bulletins now handles images, which should now let users more effectively attach and show images within the bulletin body. 📎 

Improvements to logins, email verification and setting up new passwords.  

We’ve added a select all button in Matrix Reporting so you can save those clicks. 🖱️ 

Improved functionality around providing feedback on quiz questions. ❓ 

Bet you read all of these hearing jeopardy in your head now. You’re welcome. 😎


Workhub Version 4.22.0

On a certificate, you can now share an estimated training time with workers. You’ll see a new field on the Certificate overview page called “estimated training length” where you can add it in. ⛳ 

We had a bug where the suggested expiry field on certificates went missing. We kindly suggested it reappear.✨  

Seems like all the buttons are disappearing since on the workers side on mobile, the download button on an inspection wouldn’t appear either. After threatening to kick it’s little pixels, it’s back too. 👊💨 

You can now download a report of assigned competencies to an individual worker too when looking at their profile from the admin side. Reports everywhereeeee. 📰 

When selecting a supervisor for a worker, you can now see their middle names you know exactly whether you are selecting John A Doe or John B Doe.  

Printing a TDG certificate seem to result in two pages. I guess y’all don’t need two many tdg certificates so we’ve fixed it to only print on one page. ✌️ 

Some improvement action on action items. Now you can easily see where the action item originated from on Inspections, Safety Meetings, Hazards & Incidents, and Suggestions. 🌪️ 

You may observe some updates in Behavior Observations. Lots of tiny changes for more consistency & clarity. All the the buzz words! 🐝 


Version 4.21.0

February 11th is a historic day for many reasons. In 1983, Bonnie Tyler released “Total Eclipse of the Heart”; Buster Douglas upsets Mike Tyson in the 10th round of their bout in Tokyo, Japan; Michael Jordan is named the MVP of the 1996 NBA All-Star game; Workhub releases 4.21.0 in 2022. 

What makes this release so monumental? Here’s some of the highlights: 

You can now prevent workers from downloading a policy. 🙅 You can find this feature on the settings tab under Policies.

Workers with Insert Action Item Permission can now create an action item directly from submitting an inspection. Click the icon next to the camera icon to add an action item. 📋 

We’ve fixed some bugs with direct reports and viewing the items assigned to them. So you can correctly creep on them now. 😉  

Speaking of reports, here’s a report about reports. Our report is that (matrix) reporting has reported significant improvements. Feel free to report back to us if you have anything to report on this one. 😬 

In case you haven’t noticed yet, Safety Data Sheets has been renamed to Materials. 💷 

Another pesky bug has been squashed, if you were a multi-user switching accounts previously you may have noticed your picture and compliance following you from one account to the other. This won’t happen anymore.  🐜


Version 4.20.0

We’ve made it easier to search through your submitted forms with loooots of new filters. Click on filter icon to see all the options. You can even search by who submitted the form. 🕵️ Talk about options. 👀 

As a worker, you can now view past submissions by clicking on the inspection itself. This makes it easier for you to see the history of a particular asset or location. 📜 

It’s cuffing season. 📎 You can now click on related inspections in Assets, and it will take you to the submission history for that asset in inspections. 🔗 


Version 4.19.0

How are you all doing out there? Are you getting enough sleep? Drinking enough water? Eating some vegetables here and there? This release doesn’t have any big updates so we just wanted to use this space to remind you to be kind to yourself and those around you. That’s all. Be safe. 


Workhub Version 4.18.0

It’s the last release of the year! Could you ask for a better Christmas present than fresh, shiny new functionality? Here’s some details of what’s underneath the wrapping. 🎁 

Policies and Certificates have a new beta Matrix Reporting feature. You gotta take this one for a spin. 🏎️ 

We’ve upgraded our text editor to one with better formatting. It has some neat features around pasting from Word documents too. 📋 

Online Courses has been renamed to Online Training. 🎧 

Component list pages will not show a compliance bar for items that only have optional assignments. 📊 

We’ve added a little bit of 🌶️spice 🌶️ to bulletins with the new text editor. Other updates include the option to “Send me a copy” and choosing to share contact information with the recipients. ✨ 

Last but not least, some major updates to Inspections. There is some information about it in the What’s New section on Workhub. We’ve also added the ability for descriptions on individual questions. The next update will allow these to be displayed on the worker side. 🧐 


Workhub Version 4.17.0

November 19th is a very exciting day. 528 years ago, Christopher Columbus discovered Puerto Rico. This year you, our customers, will be doing some discovering of your own, as Workhub just released Version 4.17.0 

Here’s what you have to explore: 

There is now a warning on checkout (in Rewards) if the user’s cart is below the minimum point spend. 🛒 

On the worker side of Online Courses, there is now Time Remaining showing for each course. It will be updated as the worker completes lessons. ⏳ 

Accounts on the free plan now have an updated logo that contains their company name and a “Powered by Workhub” watermark on them. 🦢  

That’s not even half of it, the most exciting things that are coming out with this release are improvements to Permissions and Matrix Reporting 

Permissions now has a new look where permissions are categorized by component. If a free account has custom permissions, they will retain them but will be read-only. 

Matrix reporting in Online Courses now has a more intuitive interface. It allows you to filter down the list of users you wish to include in the report, filter for status, etc. and select whether the report shows using Icons or Expiry Dates. Stay tuned as we begin expanding this feature to other components. 📊 


Workhub Version 4.16.0

Did you know that the average American spent $92 on Halloween last year? That’s a lot of candy and costumes! Luckily, you’re getting your own treat, as version 4.16.0 is coming to you today!  

The admin Incident list is now filterable. (Is that even a word?) It has one of our most comprehensive filters so far, so give it a try. 👑 

When acknowledging a policy on behalf of a worker, the policy’s worker compliance list has some added details to keep you from guessing. 🤔 

We’ve made some enhancements to the login stepper, which include asking a user to re-enter their emergency contacts (if required) immediately on login, regardless of expiry period. 👟 

There are now better reports for the Locations Access Log and the Incident List. 🎨 

If a user is locked out for incorrect password, it will now show you how many minutes are left until you can try again. ⌛ 


Workhub Version 4.15.0


⏰Time zones are here! ⏰Upon logging in, you may notice a prompt to set your time zone. Currently this feature is only available for Polls and Site Access. More components will receive time zones in the near future. 🛫 

The Policy List and Course certificates have been upgraded to use our new report generation tool. Talk about fancy shmancy. 🌠 

Worker rewards now show graphs and other helpful reminders if there are point limits per month/year. 👝 

Some updates to glitches within worksite screening to keep this running smoothly. 👌 

And last but not least, we have a new procedure list report! 📜 


Workhub Version 4.14.0


To lower the chance of getting the jeopardy anthem stuck in your head, we’ve optimized inspections to load much faster. 🎶 

The certificate list has a fancy new printable pdf report. ✨ 

Contact info and emergency info has been moved into a stepper. Rather than seeing multiple popups you will now see one with a next arrow, so you can really say ➡️thank you, next ⬅️ 

Forms has a new setting which allows you to choose a number of maximum monthly submissions that workers can earn points for. 🎁 

Worker signups through the website now have a notification bubble on the “Accounts” tile on your admin dashboard so you can easily track and manage new requests. 🔔 

The Api call for worker compliance now includes supervisor as an output. 📞 


Workhub Version 4.13.0

In this release, the most exciting addition is the “Printable PDF” version of the Admin Worker list. 🖨️ It’s a huge improvement from what it used to be and includes some 📊 fancy graphics 📊. 

On the worker side, a preview of the submitted form is now visible. 👀 

Workers can also now see their employee id number on their profile. 📛 

On certificates, below the signature line, both the worker’s and the signing authority’s fields have been updated to read their name and position. 🔍 

We’ve added some design improvements to the positions page as well for your scrolling needs. 🖱️ You can thank us later. 😏 


Workhub Version 4.12.0

4.12.0 August 20 

What’s special about August 20th? Lots of things! Here’s just a few examples: 

Aug 20, 1920 – What would eventually be the NFL was formed 

Aug 20, 1977 – NASA Launched the Voyager 2 

Aug 20, 2008 – Usain Bolt sets a new 200m world record of 19.30 seconds 

Aug 20, 2013 – “One Direction: This is Us” premiers in 3D 

Aug 20, 2021 – Workhub releases 4.12.0 


What makes 4.12.0 so special? Well, here’s what’s coming:  

On Incidents, we’ve added another option for “Supervisor on Site” as requested by some of you. 💂 

On the worker’s profile, we’ve added a Shared Notes field. This is different from HR Notes note because it is visible to all admins with the Administer Workers permission. 😜📝 

The Compliance Required option on Bulletins has moved to the popup that appears when you hit Save. 🎆 

Supervisors can now view the Priority on their Subordinate’s requirements 📁 

We’ve added the ability for Admin’s to delete a submitted meeting. Test away. 📚 

We’ve added a root cause glossary so you can easily see all the options available under incidents and how they fit in. 📈 

When exporting the certificate list, you will now see a column for the Provider. 🥁 

If a form has been auto-approved, you will now see this mentioned in thhe status. 🎷 

We’ve made some improvements to the process of rejecting rewards orders to ensure workers are notified if their order is cancelled and to eliminate confusion. ❌ 


Workhub Version 4.11.0


On the Admin Worker pages, the “Aboriginal Worker” fields now say “Indigenous Workers”.  

When exporting the asset list CSV report, a new “operators” column has been added. 👷 

We’ve added the ability to track a worker’s greenhand status on competencies. 🍀 

You can now message workers whom you’ve added scheduled training for. Just be careful not to message them too much 😉  


Workhub Version 4.10.0


We’ve updated our compliance reminder emails to have 📧 allllll 📧 the details, so you can see exactly which certificates your workers are missing as well as any items that are coming due. 👀 

Incidents now has an Admin notes section for you to add any relevant details to share with other admins. 📝 

We’ve made some changes to bulletin emails, so workers will now have to click ‘mark as reviewed’ in order for the bulletin to show as reviewed on Workhub. 📭  

Speaking of bulletins, sending a draft bulletin that was created by another user, you can now choose whether it is shown as being sent by you, or the draft crater...I mean creator. 🌚 

Emergency Response Plans now have a 10mb file size limit for standard plan customers. 🚨 You definitely couldn’t scream all of that through a megaphone.📣 

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