Worker Management

Your workers are your most valuable assets. Employees need mentoring, guidance, supervision, and direction so that they can thrive. That’s why we offer robust administrative and supervisory tools that allow you to deep dive into worker dashboards, organize personal information, track credentials, and create organizational structures so that you can boost compliance and monitor their successes.

Organizational Structure & Supervisory Tools

Our software makes it easier to perform supervisory duties and lets your employees know they are being held accountable. Workers are assigned to a supervisor that tracks their compliance and ongoing tasks and each supervisor gets an email at a selected frequency to let them know who’s keeping up-to-date, and who needs a nudge.

Plus, supervisors can quickly check who has seen an important correspondence like a bulletin or alert. This is extraordinarily handy if there’s an unexpected change in schedule, accident, health concern, or any other extenuating circumstance that will change the course of the workday.

Admin Capabilities & Worker Management Tools

The Worker tab in the admin panels lets you do more than just add new employees into the system. Admins can:

  • filter workers by credentials to see who's qualified for certain jobsites
  • click on individual workers to gain a full view of their dashboard, compliance, and outstanding items
  • view a supervisor’s subordinates
  • view compliance charts and trends for all workers
  • view incidents in which a worker was involved and the status of their illness or injury, if applicable


As Charlotte Bronte famously said, “What is so headstrong as youth? What so blind as inexperience?” New employees who typically require mentorship and supervision, can be less efficient, and more prone to workplace incidents and blunders. Our software allows you to designate new employees as Greenhands which helps ensure they get the support they need, while boosting productivity, and preventing accidents.

Not every new hire will be considered a Greenhand. In fact, John who just transitioned companies and already has 20 years’ experience likely doesn’t need a green hand beside his profile picture and may even be a little offended at the label. Our software doesn’t assume that every new person requires this distinction. Admins determine who needs the little green hand symbol and how long they carry that moniker.


Organizational Structure

Create a hierarchy of workers and supervisors so that employees know who to report to, and supervisors have a clear picture of who they need to support and manage.

Supervisory Tools

We provide a clean interface that makes it easy for Supervisors to view their subordinate’s ongoing tasks and compliance.

Filter by Credentials

Admins can filter workers by credentials to determine who is qualified to work on certain jobsites.

Full Dashboard View

Click on individual workers to gain a full view of their dashboard, compliance, and outstanding items.

Charts and Trends

Our software allows you to monitor company-wide compliance trends based on data from each worker.


Designate new and inexperienced workers as ‘Greenhands’ so that they can receive the supervision and mentorship they need to succeed.

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