Workplace Policies

It's never been easier to assure your critical policies are being reviewed and acknowledged across your organization with custom assignments, version control, compliance tracking and much more.

Are your policies collecting cobwebs?

Don't worry you aren't alone. Maintaining policies within an organization has been an issue for literally over 100 years. Many companies find it nearly impossible to track readership and maintain versions especially across multiple locations. Many common painpoints such as:

  • Unable to manage versions and notify of new versions
  • Too hard to motivate staff to read
  • Hard to track who has read and acknowledged

Find out how our Workplace Policy Component can help your organization

Worker Adoption is as easy as 1,2,3

Reviewing policies for your workers has never been easier with Workhub's user friendly worker interface.

Step Screenshot
Check the Dashboard

Quickly see pending items that require attention

Step Screenshot
Read the Policy

Study the policy for the set time limit then acknowledge or decline

Step Screenshot
Gain Compliance

Gain complete compliance across your organization



Upload policies from your safety manual and organize them as they appear in your table of contents with section numbers and versions.

Version Control

Make changes to individual policies and roll them out to workers without resetting the entire manual.

Link Forms to Policies

Link relevant forms to policies so that workers can access them while reading policies.

Upload Current Policies

Policies are sorted as they appear in your table of contents. Deploy all or portions of the manuals to workers, as needed.

Policy Acknowledgements

Select a pre-set amount of time that workers must spend on each policy before they can acknowledge it and sign off.

Track Compliance

Track acknowledgement compliance for all your workers and submit reports to management on the status of all new safety policies.


As workers read your policies, they can send feedback directly to your safety team to use as ideas for improvements.

Still have questions?

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