Looking for an easy way to figure out where your workers want to go for the company Christmas party? Or maybe you need opinions on a new logo? Our Polls feature allows you to collect feedback on whatever topic you choose while driving engagement and allowing your employees to take ownership of decisions made within your organization.

‘If you don’t vote, you lose the right to complain’

Polls is one of our funnest components. You can use it to get feedback on what everyone wants for lunch on Fridays, or to ask more serious questions like, ‘What make should our new fleet vehicles be?’ However, it can also be a sneakily incentivizing tool for driving up compliance and ensuring workers complete their required tasks. Let’s say that Bob has very strong opinions on whether pineapple belongs on pizza but only has a 40% compliance score - you have the option to adjust the settings so that only people above a certain percentage can participate. Suddenly, Bob who vehemently opposes pineapples on pizza has a 100% compliance rating and has also managed to sway the vote to Meat Lover’s by Friday’s lunch.

Opinions count!

To setup a poll, all you have to do is choose your recipients and build a question. The poll can be set to release immediately or at a future date. Specify whether the poll accepts single, or multiple selections. A multiple selection question might be something like, ‘Which days would you be available for the Christmas party?’

Getting down to the nitty-gritty.

If you have several polls going at the same time you can organize them by setting a priority level. You can also allow people to vote anonymously. An example of where that might be applicable is when you want to gauge your employee’s satisfaction with a Mental Health and Wellness program, or how they perceived the success of a new product roll-out. Click the poll in the admin panel to view the participation rate and number of votes; or pop over to Workers Responses to view their selections.

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