Aah, Legislation - a dry topic, and yet a vital part of your organization. Politicians work tirelessly over months and years to produce these riveting best sellers. Who are we kidding? They are repetitive, riddled with legalese and make for undeniably dull reading material. Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘You can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear?” Well, we definitely aren’t suggesting that our Legislation component is going to make the subject more captivating, but we can guarantee it will make your legislation organized, accessible and easier to keep updated.

A long, long (not that long) time ago I can still remember…

It is so good to belong to a digital world. In years past having legislation available for employees meant having to keep the documents (or even books!) on-hand. Updating them with a revision or amendment was painful because it relied on your or someone else’s organizational dedication. If you had to look something up it sometimes meant rifling through hundreds of pages. No more! Our Legislation component makes these records & regulations available at the click of a button.

Across the seven seas.

Our Legislation feature contains links from around the world and likely already has a lot of the legislation that you will need. These come directly from government and regulatory sources online and you can select which ones to enable for your organization. To browse legislation filter by country, and then state or province.

If you require legislation that isn’t listed, contact our support team and we will be happy to add it in for you! Plus, you can easily report broken or missing legislation to us with the click of a button.

No one here by the name of Black Beard.

You’re not the captain of a pirate ship and you already know that you’re following all the laws and legislature. But do your employees? Having legislation available for your workers is an invaluable way to educate, create transparency and show that you’re dedicated to providing a safe and fair workplace.

Give them a compass to guide the way.

The legislation you enable can be easily accessed from the Worker dashboard and is filtered by state, province or country. Anytime that Jimbo needs a refresh on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act it will be available to him, via any computer or mobile device. Does Kerry have a question about Workers Compensation? She knows where to find it.


Choose from our library

Our library contains legislation links from all around the world. Filter by continent, country, and state/province.

Easy to enable

Enable any legislation related to your organization with a couple of clicks.

Report broken links

Easily report any broken links. If you require legislation that isn’t listed, send us a message & our team will add it in for you!

Still have questions?

Let our knowledgeable sales team give you a full product tour and answer any specific questions you may have.