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An overview of the functionality and key components of our robust in-app Features.

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Online Training

Over 60+ courses

Choose from our library of pre-built safety awareness courses.

Customize Your Courses

Set expiration dates, pass rates, and let workers challenge quizzes + many more options available for each course.

Assign by role

Add course requirements based on job role. New workers can easily see what is required of them.

Optional or Required

Decide which courses you want to make required for your workers and which ones you want to make optional.


Your safety team and your workers will be notified when course expirations are coming due.

Compliance Monitoring

Training dates, expirations, and quiz results are all tracked in Workhub.

Get Feedback

Get feedback on the courses to gain valuable insight from your workers.

Certificate Tracking


Upload digital copies of employees' off-site training and compliance certificates.


Decide which roles in your organization require tickets. Set default expiry terms or make certificates optional.


In the event workers need to go elsewhere for their training you can recommend a preferred provider, supply workers with a PO# or issue special instructions.


Workers will be shown and notified of their missing tickets and will be reminded to upload scanned documents or pictures from their phone. Supervisors can also track the status of their subordinates' tickets.


Your dashboard will show a count of pending certificate submissions, so it is easy to scroll through, review and approve them.

Schedule Training Sessions

Coming Due and Past Due reports make it easy to identify workers that need to be recertified.

Invite Workers

Save money and get everyone certified immediately by setting up a training session. The system will send an email, invite the worker and place a reminder on their dashboard.



Upload policies from your safety manual and organize them as they appear in your table of contents with section numbers and versions.

Version Control

Make changes to individual policies and roll them out to workers without resetting the entire manual.

Link Forms to Policies

Link relevant forms to policies so that workers can access them while reading policies.

Upload Current Policies

Policies are sorted as they appear in your table of contents. Deploy all or portions of the manuals to workers, as needed.

Policy Acknowledgements

Select a pre-set amount of time that workers must spend on each policy before they can acknowledge it and sign off.

Track Compliance

Track acknowledgement compliance for all your workers and submit reports to management on the status of all new safety policies.


As workers read your policies, they can send feedback directly to your safety team to use as ideas for improvements.

Operating Procedures


Use our text editor, upload a PDF, or link to a YouTube video to create Procedures.


Choose which positions or departments in your company need to acknowledge & view Procedures.


Set a contact so that workers can see who to connect with if they have any questions about a given Procedure.

Job Hazard Analysis

Outline hazard analysis of procedural tasks and assign to risk level, probability of hazard occurring, and severity of outcome.

Set a Review Clock

Choose a length of time the policy must be reviewed before it can be considered acknowledged.


Download prior versions of procedures for audit purposes and update current versions easily. 


Collect comments from workers, respond and optionally share with workforce.

Track Compliance

View which versions have been acknowledged by workers, and grant or reset an acknowledgment if necessary.

Competency Assessments


Ensure that your workers are safely and successfully performing procedures and daily tasks.


Link policies, online training & certifications that are necessary to complete prior to a Competency Assessment.


Build a checklist of behaviors, concepts & tasks that must be performed and observed during an operation, for a worker to be considered competent.

Qualified Assessors

Create a list of people that are qualified to test other members of your workforce.


Assessors can add comments to detail worker performance or show where improvements need to be made.

History and Compliance

Track and report on worker competency and follow up with those missing an assessment.

Performance Criteria

Designate workers as Requires Supervision, Independently Competent or Instructor/Assessor.

Contractor Orientations

Site Orientation

Build a site orientation that covers who to report to, procedures for reporting incidents and emergencies, site evacuation, muster points, prohibited areas, and any other site-specific protocols you may have.


If you already have an orientation video, we will host them for free, or we can offer competitive pricing on content creation with our in-house team.


Create screening questions to determine whether visitors are allowed onsite. For example: Proper PPE, training and that they meet government health requirements (e.g. Covid-19).

Track Completion

A record of completed orientations is available in your admin dashboard and is searchable by subcontractor company.

Worker ID

Look up whether individual workers have completed orientations by checking their WorkerID.

Visitor Logs

Log visitors and deliveries to a site using a QR code for easy access.

In / Out Board

Require workers to check in and out of a site and review a manifest of everyone currently on site.

History Lookups

See who accessed a location to assist with incident investigations or to enable contact tracing.

Workplace Screening

Assess Workers & Visitors

Grant/deny physical access based on various criteria such as health checks (COVID-19), PPE and compliance data (certificates, orientations, and competencies).


Create custom checklists that are unique to your location.

Import / Copy

Import questions from templates or copy questions from a previous location.


All details of the visit are logged for full audit and tracing needs.

Worker Manifest

Look up who is currently on site in the event of an emergency.

In-Out Board

Workers sign out when leaving the site providing in-out data for reporting.


Customized Checklists

Create your checklist of items to inspect and add guidance to help workers complete them all online.

Scheduled Intervals

Assign a frequency in which inspections of assets or sites must occur.

View Trends

See detailed history for each check and track its changes over time or look up the inspection history for an asset or site.

Follow up Actions

Approve, comment, or create action items from submitted inspections to track that concerns are being dealt with appropriately.


Inspections requiring a review will appear as outstanding in the Administrator dashboard.

Incident Reporting


Log incidents in the workplace to collect statistics on the frequency and severity of incidents and near misses.


Create a detailed report by uploading a description of the events, date, time, location, photos, linking assets and the environment or people involved.

Injuries / Revised Work

Reporters can log injuries to body parts on a human diagram and track an employee’s lost time and restricted work.

Assign and Investigator

Assign an investigator who can add root causes or attach additional information like witness statements, doctors’ reports, OSHA correspondence and more.

Add Action Items

Eliminate or mitigate each incident’s contributing factors by adding action items to any incident. This will ensure that corrective actions are carried out and signed off on.


Charts and graphs in the Admin panel show companywide trends in incident frequency, time lost, associated costs and more.

Behavior Observations

Behavior-Based Safety Observation

Observe employees in their day-to-day activities to ensure that they are exhibiting behaviors and attitudes that contribute to a safe workplace.


Identify behaviors that contribute to unwanted outcomes at your workplace and build checklists to sign-off on.


Assign observations by position and location.


Choose staff or supervisors that are qualified to assess other employees.

Analyze the Results

Filter your submissions by date and track the results over time.

Action Items


Identify deficiencies and corrective actions and assign them to workers.


The system notifies workers that they have been assigned an Action Item via SMS or email.

Corrective Actions

Workers attach photos, add comments and more, to ultimately complete Action Items.


Administrators verify that Action items are completed properly and sign-off once they are complete.

Safety Meetings

Paper trail

Create a digital paper trail of what is discussed at safety meetings and who was in attendance.

Meeting Types

Develop meeting types to serve as templates for meeting creation. Choose whether they are not applicable, optional, or mandatory.

Supporting Documents

Link any relevant procedures, inspections, hazards, and action items to help support the discussion.

Set up

Workers create meetings from meeting types and select dates, times, attendees, and can leave preliminary notes.


An administrator can review the meeting (if specified) and approve.

Missed Meetings

Missed meetings show upon the worker dashboard and meeting minutes will show up in the “Required” tab.



Upload a template for each form type, or link to an online form and specific submission frequencies.

Identify & Assign

If a submission reveals that work is needed, an admin can assign an action item. The form it was created in is automatically linked providing context for workers.


Workers who have been assigned tasks receive notifications via SMS (Text) or Email.

Submit Virtually

Workers can submit forms by email, fax, web or on their smartphone. Click on the form or web link to fill it out and submit.

Bulletins and Alerts


Ensure workers are reading important correspondence by sending out bulletins and alerts though email and SMS.

Recipient Filtering

Select the recipients by position and location to ensure the bulletins and alerts go to relevant workers.

Set a Review Clock

Choose a length of time the bulletins and alerts must be reviewed for before they can be considered acknowledged.

Read Receipts

Read receipts allow admins to see who has reviewed the bulletins and who has not.

Send Reminders

Send a reminder to all workers that have not reviewed the bulletin to prompt more readership.


Workers can comment on bulletins and admins can approve the comment to make it public to all workers.



Drive up engagement in your organization by allowing employees to submit suggestions regarding workplace culture, policies/procedures, and more.

Rate and Comment

Get additional feedback by allowing other workers to rate a fellow employee’s suggestion.

Optional Anonymity

Give workers the ability to provide insight without fear of backlash, or criticism. Select whether workers can remain anonymous when suggesting, rating, or commenting.


Select whether admins need to review suggestions and comments before making them visible to other workers. Admins can respond directly to suggestions.

Assess Proposition Value

If workers enter an estimated value of benefits and costs saved the software will automatically calculate a return on investment.


Workers can see which suggestions have been implemented and approved, and which are pending or declined.


Gain Insights

Poll your workforce on company issues like, “What make should the new fleet vehicles be?” or more light-hearted topics such as, “Where should the company Christmas party be?”

Elevate Compliance

Workers will want to weigh in on the more fun, extracurricular themed polls. Setting a minimum compliance level will encourage your workers to get up to date so they can participate.

Share Results

Choose to automatically send out results in a Bulletin when a poll ends or generate a bulletin draft on demand for completed polls. This includes a summary and graph of results.

Track Responses and Participation

Refer to the participation chart to review overall interaction with the poll. View and filter individual responses by position and location in the Worker Responses tab.


Create a Survey

Start from one of our templates or create your own to gather feedback from workers. Post statements for workers to rate on a scale of 1-5 stars.

Track Responses

Your team can review the rating for individual statements, or the full survey.

Frequency & Trends

Select whether a Survey is required Quarterly, Semi-Annually, or Annually and start tracking trends.

Make Improvements

Use the data gathered in the surveys to help your team come up with an action plan for improvements.

Answer Honestly

Allow workers to submit surveys anonymously to gather quality feedback ratings and comments.

Worker Management

Organizational Structure

Create a hierarchy of workers and supervisors so that employees know who to report to, and supervisors have a clear picture of who they need to support and manage.

Supervisory Tools

We provide a clean interface that makes it easy for Supervisors to view their subordinate’s ongoing tasks and compliance.

Filter by Credentials

Admins can filter workers by credentials to determine who is qualified to work on certain jobsites.

Full Dashboard View

Click on individual workers to gain a full view of their dashboard, compliance, and outstanding items.

Charts and Trends

Our software allows you to monitor company-wide compliance trends based on data from each worker.


Designate new and inexperienced workers as ‘Greenhands’ so that they can receive the supervision and mentorship they need to succeed.


Promote Speak-up Culture

Allow workers to submit policy breaches or wrongdoings within the organization. Breach reports can be linked to a policy to allow insight on which policies have been breached over time.

Full Privacy & Anonymity

Workers can report a breach with full anonymity. All records are fully encrypted in the database – even our developers can’t peek at them.

Assigned Recipients

Select the members of your organization to be possible recipients of the Whistleblower reports. Workers can choose from this list when reporting.


Recipients are notified via SMS and/or Email that a new breach report has been submitted.

Detailed Submission Management

Recipients can follow-up on the report with commenting, document upload, detailed log, and status changes. Recipients are the only ones who can view the details.

Reference Number

Workers are provided a reference number upon submission. This number can be used for future submissions if the worker has additional comments or repeated occurrences to report.

Branded Apparel


Branded apparel is an optional but highly recommended part of our Recognition program intended to incentivize workers, inspire interest, and develop a sense of pride and credibility within and outside your organization.

Onboarding Boost

A large portion of Recognition points will be earned during the onboarding process which can be immediately redeemed for a shirt and hat to welcome new employees to the team.

Huge Selection

We offer a MASSIVE selection of high-quality apparel with sizes ranging from XS-3XL. The clothing comes in a handful of flattering shades that are designed to make your logo pop.

Don’t Purchase in Bulk

Your company does not have to purchase sizes/styles by the dozen. Workers looking to redeem points can choose items in our Recognition catalog and only those selected items will be sent.

Convenient Shipping

Selected apparel will be shipped directly from our embroidering/shipping department to your workers home in a care package with 4 additional bonus items.

Scratch Cards


Hand out a Scratch Card whenever an employee does something exemplary such as: helping new employees, following procedures to a tee, or treating a customer exceedingly well.


Scratch Cards can be customized with your company branding / logo.

Value Sets

We offer 3 different point value sets (standard, high and precious) which award a higher or lower range of points depending on what works best for your budget.


Scratch cards can be built into an existing rewards inventory or companies can purchase points for Workhub’s rewards system.



Replace bulky Safety Data Sheet binders by uploading a digital copy from a suppliers’ website.

QR Codes

Label your materials with QR codes to allow workers to simply scan for quick SDS lookup.


Add unique notes to SDS to provide further insight for workers.

Safe Handling Instructions

Safe handling instructions allow you to print off workplace labels that comply with both WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) and GHS (Globally Harmonized System) standards.

Legislation Hosting

Choose from our library

Our library contains legislation links from all around the world. Filter by continent, country, and state/province.

Easy to enable

Enable any legislation related to your organization with a couple of clicks.

Report broken links

Easily report any broken links. If you require legislation that isn’t listed, send us a message & our team will add it in for you!

Audit Preparation


Ensure your ready for your next Audit by utilizing our standard specific preparation checklists.

Choose from our Library

We have over 20 different audit standards pre-loaded into our system to choose from.

Request an Audit Standard

If we are missing a standard that you need, simply contact us!

Invite your Auditor

Your auditor can login and see your safety program without having to set foot in the workplace.

Integrated with our System

Attach documents, or link elements to other Workhub components to show your companny's due diligence.


Score yourself, designate a status (Compliant, Minor Deficiency or Major Deficiency) and leave comments.

Still have questions?

Let our knowledgeable sales team give you a full product tour and answer any specific questions you may have.