We’re back and better than ever!

Workhub, formerly known as SafetySync, is a comprehensive workplace compliance software created to simplify and optimize safety management and compliance in your workplace. Using 25 customizable features and tools, our software ensures that your health and safety programs, policies and procedures are effectively communicated through an engaging and interactive system. Our founder, Brian Hill, believes in alignment between managers and workers through two-way communication. Ensuring that your company’s policies and operations are communicated in an engaging and interactive manner creates for better comprehension and compliance within your workforce.  

Why We Changed Our Name

As all good things do, the name SafetySync had to go. We made the decision to rebrand and redesign our software for several reasons.

As our software evolved, we learnt that our clients weren’t just using the software for safety compliance, but rather for overall compliance in the workplace. The technological shift created a better user experience and allowed us to position ourselves as a compliance software serving our clients in their operations beyond just safety.

When we updated our platform, it only made sense to update our name as well. We wanted to combine two concepts, ‘workplace’ and ‘centralized system’, thus coming up with Workhub!

The Black Swan

You might’ve noticed our logo is our beloved black swan, Sven. Why a black swan?

The term Black Swan comes from the Western assumption that all swans are white because white swans are by far the most common and expected. Black Swans do in fact exist but are extremely rare and the odds of running into one are very low, which is why they are not usually accounted for or expected to be seen.

A Black Swan Event is an event characterized as extremely rare, severely impactful, and hard to predict. The term was popularized by writer Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a finance professor, claiming that since black swan events are unforeseeable and carry severe consequences, it is important to continuously account for one.

As a safety and compliance software, Workhub aids in preventing and mitigating Black Swan Events in your workplace. Our software is made to push compliance to the forefront in order ensure that the improbable is being accounted for and vulnerability is minimized.

Still have questions?

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