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Let’s be real, workplace safety and compliance can be challenging to manage because most workers cringe at the idea of having to do tedious administrative tasks just to follow “paper rules.”

“Why bother,” they might think.

“I’m always super-careful, nothing serious is ever likely to happen.”

What about the Black Swan?

At Workhub, we chose the black swan to be our logo for a reason.

The black swan theory is based on Nassim Talib’s description of events that are unexpected or improbable, in the same way that black swans are thought not to exist...until you actually see one.  

Most of us are conditioned to be complacent due to the extremely low probability of things going wrong, and we fail to understand that even though 100% of accidents are unexpected, they are almost always foreseeable and preventable. That’s why at Workhub, we respect the improbable. We choose to push safety to the forefront of operations to ensure workers don’t discount the probability of workplace accidents.

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Our Mission:

We want to help people see the value in day-to-day safety functions. In order to overcome the hesitancy around following safety protocols, we have created a purpose-built tool that makes safety compliance interactive and engaging. This helps build a culture of safety. 

Moreover, we believe safety and compliance should be rewarded. As an organization, asking for compliance from your workers should warrant a thank you -  giving something back - which is why we have an exciting Recognition & Awards program to engage and motivate workers. That’s where your brand shines and where culture takes hold!

We take great pride in what we do and who we serve – we work hard to provide small- to medium-sized businesses with a comprehensive workplace compliance management system that is: 

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Quick and easy to use (improving workplaces within hours); with

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Free implementation assistance (in case you need it); and

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Crazy low pricing - $3/user per month; plus

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No contract - leave anytime, but you probably won’t!

We hope you enjoy your safety management experience through use of these Features – feel free to explore our vast training library and over 25 customizable tools that will help you optimize your workflow, effectively communicate your health and safety programs to workers, and transform YOUR workplace culture! 

Still have questions?

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