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We are a proven provider of contract labour, safety, and quality services in Western Canada. Prime Essential has grown from a one-person shop in 2009 to a full service consulting company with over 50 clients - both large and small. Due to our experience and certifications (including COR), we have successfully pre-qualified with many major companies and maintain full compliance with our clients’ requirements on ISNetworld, ComplyWorks, and Avetta.
We are passionate about making safety easier and more efficient for you while eliminating workplace incidents. We provide program development, EHS software, COR preparation and audits, ongoing safety support, field safety, and third-party verification support.

They enter new personnel to the system and update existing ones, they assist with the selection of our safety courses, upload new and changed policies and procedures, process submitted forms, etc. They do a great job and their services are too numerous to list here!


Safety Sync(Workhub) has helped us with our training and helped us put together a manageable safety management system that works, and will help to reduce our dependency on paper.

Roger Hall

When their expertise is needed, they do not hesitate to travel to our location and help.

Lewis Patmore

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