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Behavior based safety observations (BBSO) are a method of behavioral assessment that entails observing workers in order to identify, record, and track safety conditions or actions at your work site. BBSOs are integrated into safety programs in order to reduce the number of incidents by acknowledging and tracking safe behaviors and eliminating unsafe behaviors. By establishing and encouraging safer work habits through observing your workers, the number of incidents will in turn decrease.

We are all creatures of habit. As your workers’ feelings of mastery and comfort increase in the workplace over time, tendencies to take short cuts or engage in bad habits increase which eventually evolves into accidents. It is important to identify and monitor dangerous tendencies and behaviors immediately in order to promote change, ensure compliance, and avoid accidents.

Performing Behavior Based Safety Observations

BBSOs can be performed daily, weekly, or monthly and can be performed by both managers and employees but individuals must be trained to act as observers and observers must be rotated.

Having your observers acknowledge their peers' safe work behaviors through positive reinforcement will encourage them to repeat these behaviors and set healthy habits. On the other hand, putting a stop to dangerous tendencies will stop them from turning into dangerous habits or evolving into horrible accidents.

It's important to note that observations must be submitted anonymously and the observer should not be known to their coworkers in order to maintain a comfortable environment between collogues. Although BBSOs can be performed by anyone and amongst peers, it's important to select the right candidates to carry out the observations.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Select individuals that are experienced with the tasks at hand
  • Ensure that the candidates fully believe in BBSO and its process
  • Individuals must be able to provide positive feedback appropriately for safe behaviors
  • Individuals must be able to provide constructive criticism and discuss unsafe behaviors appropriately
  • Collecting Data

    After implementing BBSOs for a while, you're going to find yourself with an abundance of rich and useful data! You can use this data in several ways to continue to perfect your safety program.

    You may find that you'll gain insights into the reality of the safety at your organization. For example, if several workers are performing the exact same unsafe behavior, you've just put your finger on a gap in your safety program. The data can also assist you when reporting accidents, updating employee training, and other safety initiatives.

    Behavior Observations Tool by Workhub

    You may be asking yourself, where do I record these observations? How can I track progress effectively?

    It may be a good idea to implement a safety management software that will provide you with a platform to record observations into and make tracking and analyzing data easier. Workhub’s Behavior Observations tool makes implementing BBSOs into your safety program extremely simple. The tool allows you to create and assign observations unique to your workplace for each of your workers and track both safe and unsafe behaviors. By centralizing your BBSO documents, it allows for seamless progress tracking of each worker and ensures consistent compliance in your workplace.

    Start getting your employees involved when it comes to safety and do it right with Workhub!

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