Certificate Tracking

Delete your spreadsheets! Seriously, we developed this feature so that your compliance team can do just that. Workers can upload digital copies of their off-site training and compliance certificates themselves, saving you the hassle of doing it (but let's be honest, you'll still have to collect and upload most of them).

Pulling out an invalid ticket is embarrassing.

Worksite gatekeepers are can sometimes be forgiving, but weigh scale operators and police officers can be downright rude. If only your compliance team had reviewed Jay's driver's license and made sure it had an airbrake endorsement before Officer Park discovered it. And it sure would have been nice to have recorded the proper expiry date so that a system could remind you and fire warden Francis that his first aid ticket was coming due. And what about dock worker Dalia, who didn't even know she needed a TDG ticket in the first place.

    Find out how our Certificate Tracking can help your organization

    Tracking Certificates is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

    Check the Dashboard

    Quickly see assigned certificates that require attention

    Upload your Tickets

    Drag PDF or image files, add issue and expiry dates.

    Gain Compliance

    An administrator will review and approve your submission

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